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‘Only those who dare to fail greatly, can acheive greatly’

-Robert Kennedy

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Test Automation – Best Practices

Automated testing best practices are critical if you want to succeed with test automation! Test automation has been around for decades! So why not learn the best design patterns from others? As opposed to re-learning them all yourself. This post has some of the most important design patterns that you will encounter. Some patterns mentioned … Continue reading Test Automation – Best Practices

How to launch IE browser in Selenium?

Step 1-Download IE driver for Selenium Open-http://docs.seleniumhq.org/download/ Depends on your system requirement download the respective driver for Windows 32 download driver 32-bit driver same applies for 64 as well A download window will open, wait till the download complete. Once you get zip file unzip the same you will get IEDriverServer.exe Step 2- Write script … Continue reading How to launch IE browser in Selenium?

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